The REAL Dangers of the Paranormal
Presented by
 The Southern California Paranormal Research Society

What is that reality? The reality is simple. We are sticking our heads into the unknown trying to obtain evidence and proof of something that has never been proven. This can be and eventually is dangerous. Surgeons spend years practicing and studying before they operate. Electricians apprentice for years. Skydiving had lessons you take before you are allowed to jump from a plane from 9000 feet above the earth. And ghost hunters or paranormal investigators?

Most watch TV, grab voice recorders and digital cameras and run out to emulate our heroes. There usually is no training available to the general public or television audience. There are no tests, licenses, fees. There is also no insurance, medical coverage or reimbursements for us as well. The professional ghost hunters who do this for a living? Few and far between.

No training required and anyone can go out and get themselves in trouble. There is no age limit set. Police will not arrest you for investigating if you are underage. Parents will not ground minors for doing the same. This has created an epidemic of people going out to ghost hunt and finding themselves in danger. No one warned them this was possible. No one explained the signs of danger before they found themselves in trouble. Even then, they weren’t sure what was going on. And it was too late by then......

The Risks

The risks are real. Some are listed below: Mental Illness, Insanity, Possession, Obsession, Attachments, Hitchhikers, Walk-in’s, Push-Ins, Oppression, Infestation, Physical Problems, Mental Problems, Spiritual Problems, Insomnia, Agitation, Personality changes, Loss of time, Paranoia, Hearing Voices, Hallucinations, Animal Attacks, Slip and fall injuries, Getting Pushed by entities, Assault, Fainting Spells, Unexplained Financial difficulties, Loosing your job, Loosing your friends, loosing your family, Loosing your reality, Loosing yourself, Changes in appearance, loss of electronic equipment, Spider Bites, Allergic Reactions, Hypothermia, Exposure to the elements, Frostbite, Loss of faith or belief, Unexplained medical issues, depression, eventual hospitalization or therapy, Divorce, Sudden abandonment of hygene, alcoholism, sudden drug or substance abuse, self inflicted trauma, automobile accidents, mechanic bills, fires, loss of cell phone functions, antaginization from spirits, demonic attachments, loss of pets lives, family members affected, death of relatives, loss of happiness and fulfillment with everything in life, loss of belief system, arrest, jail, rehabilitation, loss of patience, loss of affection, loss of intimacy,... This list goes on and on. Your life can fall to pieces in a moment. All this related to dangers of the paranormal? Absolutely!

DANGERS OF THE PARANORMAL PSA - a minute with Father Andrew Calder, priest and exorcist on the realities of the paranormal.

Full Interview with Father Andrew Calder is below! - 9 minutes with Father Andrew Calder, priest and exorcist on the realities of the paranormal. This interview will blow your mind as you hear of the traps and tricks of the spirit world. This is for all parents and new investigators to hear.

DANGERS OF THE PARANORMAL PSA - a minute with John Zaffis - Hear world renowned demonologist and paranormal researcher speak on the dangers of Ouija Boards in this PSA.

Full Interview with John Zaffis is below! - 9 minutes with John Zaffis, demonologist and paranormal researcher with over 36 years of experience on the realities and dangers of the paranormal. This is for all parents and new investigators to hear.

The Victims

The victims are real. We will bring you their stories one by one. Some will tell their stories in their own words. You will hear who they are and how they were affected by the dangers of the paranormal. Others will remain nameless and anonymous but the facts of what they went through will be presented. Two of the first are below:

A 15 year old and his friends back east snuck into an abandoned building to investigate. They brought a voice recorder. Something attacked and affected the 15 year old on the top floor of this abandoned building. He began to hear voices immediately and see flashes of a past suicide that occurred at that location. His friends helped him out. The spirit affecting him followed him as well. After church intervention and an exorcism, he is on medication and will never be the same. Neither will his family or his friends.

A 18 year old pregnant girl played with a Ouija board with her friend in order to talk to what they thought was a deceased friend. A spirit attached to her and threatened her. Everyone around her, her mother, her friends, even strangers could feel this evil spirit that surrounded her. Everyone was affected. She called us in terror for her unborn child. . . . .

DANGERS OF THE PARANORMAL PSA - with Chris Flemming. Chris talks of the natural dangers involved on investigations. Full interview now online at

The Blame

So who is to blame here?

Shall we blame those who are of legal age and pursuing ghost hunting without realizing it can be dangerous? Shall we blame the new onslaught of TV shows that portray paranormal investigating as fun and exciting and do not address the dangers to the general public? Do we blame the tv shows featuring underage children that are marketing ghost hunting to adults and (gasp) underage children? Who is to blame if the kids are affected? How about the adults?

Shall we blame adults who let their kids watch these shows without discretion or explanations? Many adults watch with their kids, having no idea of the dangers themselves. Do we blame them for not researching the dangers for themselves? Do we blame them for not being informed?

Shall we blame the current television media that is so hell bent on making ratings and jumping through hoops to find the next paranormal ratings superstar? Do we blame the editors, the productions companies and the decision makers for refusing to add disclaimers of these dangers to the shows themselves? Who would you blame? This is an epidemic that is only getting worse!
We will tell you of the dangers and let you decide for yourself.

DANGERS OF THE PARANORMAL PSA - with Dave Schrader, host of Darkness on the Edge of Town Paranormal radio with a message for parents and kids. His Two part full interview is now available at

Our Mission and Our Goal

To have disclaimers shown before all paranormal investigation shows warning parents and children of these dangers. Adults only, under 18 with parental supervision.

To bring awareness to the adults about the risks to their children. If only more adults knew it could be dangerous, more kids would be educated and protected.

To bring this awareness in the public school system, awareness of the dangers that exists, and develop and promote constructive avenues where underage children can be properly educated concerning the aspects of the paranormal. Promotion of Jr. training programs that will teach our next generation of ghost hunters how the tools work, how an investigation is to be performed, how the research is done. Mock investigations where their skills can be honed in a safe and paranormal free environment so that when they are 18, they will be better trained than the majority of those out there calling themselves investigators.

Proper spiritual training for both kids and adults who are finding themselves on the receiving end of spirit based attacks. Expand awareness for sensitive kids and allow them to find a support group that will help them embrace and understand their gifts. Better educate new groups out there of the dangers that exist. Help them to receive proper training and support if and when they find something followed them home.

Expanded responsibility whenever the paranormal is involved. Teach respect for the spirit world. Investigating can be fun, adults need to be responsible in treating it like driving a car, or drinking, or smoking, or any other potentially dangerous activity. Get the parents involved with their kids. Know the signs of what can happen before it happens.

DANGERS OF THE PARANORMAL - 6 Minute interview with Mark & Debbie Constantino. These EVP Specialists talk of the dangers involved with the paranormal.

We will be releasing interviews with some of the nations top authorities in the paranormal field. You can watch these interviews and hear about these dangers from them first hand. We will be releasing video and audio of other victims, those who got hurt and survived to tell their story. THESE ARE THE REAL VICTIMS IN THEIR OWN WORDS! The stories are shocking, others are humorous in context. But they are real.....

Dawns Interview

17 year old Dawn, the ghosthunter, talks about her own paranormal experience that went a little to far... Dangers of the Paranormal live interview at Darkness Radio Waverly Hills event... The DOTP Project....Dawn is now 18 and we have released her interview. More interviews like this in the future!

We will be completing a documentary called the Dangers of the Paranormal. This will be your documentary, those who have contributed, we will let you speak for yourself about the dangers. We will be setting up a forum where you will be able to upload your own video stories and let us know what happened to you. This will be a first, a community of investigators, clients and innocent victims of the paranormal.

We will bring an awareness to the general public. Other plans for a nationwide campaign are in the works. This will be an uphill battle for me, my wife and our group, SOCALPRS. But we have the support of so many already. We are grateful and focussed on the goal.

We are asking for your help, for those who have something to contribute. If you can write an article on protection, send it to us. If you can help by spreading awareness or working with others on the Jr. Programs or numerous other sub projects that are being constructed, we need your help. If all you can do is email us and tell us something that happened to you, please do. If you have an idea, let us know. We will ask for your help from time to time as we need it. This is an awareness project for a generation of kids, it will not happen overnight, but it is already happening.

10 minute interview with Amy Bruni with Beyond Reality Radio is below:

This is the Dangers of the Paranormal project. It is an awareness project. Please spread the word. Our main website is at . Both that site and this site will grow over time. This is just the beginning.

Remember that we (parents, siblings, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, friends, television, newspapers, advertising and media) are supposed to be role models for our kids. Children see, children do..... Think about the responsibility portrayed by TV media concerning anyone of the paranormal shows they may watch, with or without your permission and approval. Think about the fact that at least 3 television production companies are actively recruiting for kids who ghost hunt, ages 8-18.What kind of role model will this set for your children? Think about that and watch below. We are trying to stop the epidemic before it starts and these production companies are trying to exploit it.

If kids are properly trained and educated about the paranormal and are are supervised, it still may be considered dangerous. That is the reality of the paranormal. We are still dealing with after death issues, the spirit world, the unknown and other aspects that can (and have) traumatized full grown adults. Why do we think that kids will not be affected in the same way? We must be idiots to think that. Most parents of these kids know little about ghost hunting, protocols, spiritual protection. They will not be passing this information off to their kids. They will just say "hey, go watch tv, but limit it too the cartoon network!" So where will kids learn? And are they at the age to learn this anyways?

Kids under 18 are not always responsible. Junior high and high school is a time where hormones run rampant and experimentation usually occurs. Drugs and alcohol, sneaking out to meet a new boyfriend or girlfriend, some kids may be able to deal with these issues. Others can not. If we treat the potential paranormal dangers like ... well ... potential paranormal dangers, kids should not be watching how to do an evp session, ouija board, spirit communication, etc... LEt kids be kids. When they are of legal age, let me be adults.

All it will take is one of these kids getting attacked and traumatized for life and all these underage shows will be removed overnight from the network. Until that happens, let's protect them by not making the focus of Cartoon Networks new season an underage ghost hunting show. TV will not be there when stories surface of kids getting hurt while ghosthunting after watching this show. These shows are role models for this next generation of ghosthunters. . . . if we let them watch alone, we are responsible for what happens, especially if it is later determined to be dangerous. . . .

If you are a parent, you decide for your kid. The great majority of investigators that I know feel it IS dangerous.

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