Paranormal Books


Whether you are a serious ghost hunter, casual watcher of the myriad of shows on television, or if you have heard something go bump in the night and you want to read more about it there are many books to read.

Below are some top non-fiction choices for reading about otherworldly experiences.



Hauntings and Poltergeists: A Parapsychologists Handbook  Auerbach, Loyd. (1986). E.S.P., New York: Warner Books.

Ghost Hunting: How to Investigate the Paranormal  Auerbach, Loyd. (2004). Oakland: Ronin Publishing.

How to Investigate Ghosts, UFOs, Psychics and other Mysteries  Baker, Robert A. and Nickell, Joe. (1992). Missing Pieces: . Buffalo, NY. Prometheus Books.

The Case for Ghosts: An Objective Look at the Paranormal Danelek  J. Allan. (2006). Woodbury, Minnesota. Llewellyn Publications.

Hauntings! Real-Life Encounters with Troubled Spirits  Denning  Hazel M. (1996). New York, NY. Barnes & Noble Books.

Ghosts I've Met  Holzer, Hans (2005, 1965). . New York, NY. Barnes & Noble Books / Aspera Ad Astra, Inc.

Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond Holzer, Hans (1997). . New York, NY. Aspera Ad Astra, Inc.

In Search of the Dead: A Scientific Investigation of Evidence for Life after Death Iverson, Jeffrey. (1992). San Francisco. Harper.

Ghosthunting Ohio (The Haunted Heartland Series) Kachuba, John B. (2004). Cincinnati. Emmis Books.

Hauntings and Apparitions: An Investigation of the Evidence Mackenzie, Andrew. (1982). London. Paladin Books.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ghosts and Hauntings Ogden, Tom. (1999). Indianapolis, Indiana. Alpha Books.

Handbook for the Amateur Paranormal Investigator or Ghost Hunter: How to Become a Successful Paranormal Group Parsons, Brian D. (2008). . Solon, Ohio. O.P.I.N. Books.

Things That Go Bump in the Night Peach, Emily. (1991). Wellingborough, Northhamptonshire, Great Britain. The Aquarian Press.

Confessions of a Ghost Hunter Price, Harry. (1974). New York. Causeway Books.

The Poltergeist Experience Rogo, D. Scott. (1979). New York. Taplinger Publishing Co.

Life after Death: The Case for Survival of Bodily Death Rogo, D. Scott. (1986). Wellingborough, Northhamptonshire, Great Britain. The Aquarian Press.

The Poltergeist Roll  William G. (1976). . Metuchen, NJ. The Scarecrow Press.

The Poltergeist Phenomenon Spencer, John and Anne. (1997). London, England. Headline Book Publishing.

Ghost Hunter’s Guidebook Taylor, Troy. (2001). Chicago. Whitechapel Productions.

The Ghost Hunter’s Guide Underwood, Peter. (1986). London. Javelin Books.

Ghosts and How to See Them. London Underwood, Peter. (1994). Anaya Publishers Ltd.

How to Hunt Ghosts: A Practical Guide Warren, Joshua P. (2003). New York. Fireside