Documents Every Paranormal Investigation Team Should Have
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Keep Your Team Legal and Protected with These Documents

If you are thinking about starting your own paranormal investigation team, there are a few very important items that you need. Yes, it is necessary to have cameras, recorders, and EMF detectors, but just as important, you must have the right paperwork.

Listed below are a few forms that you might not have thought about, but you should have.

Emergency Contact Information Form

It is vital that you get emergency contact information for each member of your team. You do not know what might happen to, from, or during an investigation. This information should include an emergency contact name and phone number, any allergies they might have, any prescription medications that they are taking, the name and phone number of their primary care physician, and other information they feel would be needed in case of an accident.

Waiver of Liability for Team Members

Each member of your team should sign a liability waiver stating that they would not hold the team, any member of the team, or any parties associated with the places you will be investigating liable if an accident should occur. In this sue happy world it is best to cover all bases as best you can. There are templates available online that can help you properly word your document. It is also a good idea to have this document signed in front of a notary. A very good example can be found at

Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement for Client

If your client wishes to be present during the investigation, it is a good idea to have them sign a liability waiver. This document should state that your team is not responsible for any injuries incurred to those not with your group during the course of the investigation. This should include a clause that states your team is not responsible for an increase in paranormal activity due to the investigation.

Release and Confidentiality Form

There will be evidence taken during the course of the investigation either video, audio, photos, or the like. You must seek permission from the client if you intend to use this evidence on any websites, newsletters, or other media usage. They should specify usage or non-usage in total or in part.

These documents, along with your client interview forms, investigation logs, and research materials, should be kept on file for as long as your team is active. Hopefully these documents will never have to be used, but when investigating unfamiliar locations in the dark of night, one never knows what to expect. A great guide to get you started is Troy Taylor's "Ghost Hunter's Guidebook". Keep your team safe, legal, and protected by law!


All of the forms below are in Microsoft Word and can be changed to suit the needs of your group


Case Report  - Investigation Lead

Case Report - Team Member

Paranormal Event Log

Waiver of Liability

Researchers Checklist

Permission to Investigate

Initial Contact Interview

Team Member Release agreement

Client assumption of Risk

Thank you Letter

Letter of Interest

Investigation Vigil Log

Client Paranormal Encounter Interview

Confidentuality Agreement


More to come