Paranormal Experiments

Paranormal Experimentation is not a game to us, we're not seeking a cheap thrill but we feel that research and experimentation is necessary to separate fact from fiction and not sit back and do nothing and accept the superstitions of others as gospel.


Ouija Board and Seance Experiments 
  We DO NOT employ the use of Ouija boards, Seances or any other form of what some consider conjuring or black magic during our investigations.
 However for the purpose of research and experimentation we will monitor Ouija Board Sessions and Seances if asked by a Client or Organization.
 We will setup multiple types of Audio and Video Equipment as well as multiple types of Monitoring Equipment to measure the Atmospheric Conditions in the location where these experiments are taking place.
We will continue to keep in touch with the participants long after the
Ouija Board Sessions or Seance experiments have concluded.

                    Ouija Board Experiment #1


On January 11 2014 we conducted our first Ouija Board  experiment at a location where in the past we have captured class "A" EVP, Where 3 people had died in a horrific hotel fire in the 1960's, had a sensitive present, used 4 participants, 2 male, 2 female, used 9 cameras from visible light to full spectrum, used 5 atmospheric metering devices, used 5 audio recording devices and got no evidence to support that the Ouija Board does what it is purported to do. However we will continue to monitor the participants involved in this experiment.


 We have just acquired a 100+ year old Ouija board which we will use in an up coming experiment in March 2014.