Location Access



Business Establishments

If you are trying to get into a certain place to investigate, don’t be afraid to ask. Build a friendly relationship with the owners. Become a customer. Talk to them or ask about them every time you go. Build up trust and get to know them. Listen to their stories. Tell them where you have investigated and what you have found. Sell yourself and your team.

Historical Societies

Most of these places are fairly easy to get into. Just bring money or offer a donation to them. If you are trying to get in there all night, that maybe a little harder, but same things goes. Build a friendly relationship with them by taking a historical tour of the place. While on the tour ask questions about possible ghosts or paranormal activity there. Then mention who you are and who you would have to talk to about doing an investigation there.

Exclusivity for a Location

CPS does not have or does not want any exclusive rights for investigation of the same property. Reason number one; we are very busy with investigations all over, and do not have the time to keep going back to one certain location. Reason number two; Plain and simple, it would get BORING!!!!

The Clients

Our cases come to us by word of mouth, other investigation teams, website, phone calls, and from members within the group. In any of these situations the Case Manager gets involved and becomes the focal point for the client. The Case Manager communicates everything to the client from the very beginning all the way through the end and stays in touch with them for a while after the investigation and evidence reveal has been done. This eliminates confusion and builds a strong rapport with the client.

Client Rules

There is always certain client criteria that must be met anytime CPS does an investigation. There are some rules that are NOT set in stone and are made that way for special purposes. When all of the information is obtained from the client and their family/friends as to what is going on, it is evaluated and categorized. If it seems like there is a malevolent or possibly an unfriendly spirit present, then we have all family members leave before we investigate. If it is deemed that the paranormal activity seems to be located around a certain person then we will use that person during one or two sessions to see if that is the case.

In all cases; access to the entire house, and doing a full night investigation is of the utmost importance. There are several reasons for this; we bring an arsenal of equipment with us so setting up and tearing down takes time. Time is needed to plan different strategies and trigger items to test out, as well as where and how to employ them. We are not there just to ask questions like some groups. We have developed certain methods and strategies that take time to plan and set up but these methods have been proven successfully time and time again to actually bring about paranormal activity within a building or residence if it exists.

As far as showing up at a residence and a whole pile of people being there for the investigation, then CPS would not do it. We are there to give the client answers. In order to get those answers, we need to control the environment as best as we can. This would be a waste of time and not in the best interest of the client. This is also emphasized to the client as part of the criteria that they need to meet in order for CPS to investigate.

Client Honesty

So far CPS has not had a problem with client honesty. It is much easier to drop an investigation if you are trying to hoax us then it would be to evacuate your house for the whole entire night and let an investigation team like CPS go through every nook and cranny of it. We feel tricks of the mind and client fear play a bigger part in the role of wasting an investigation teams time than a hoax does.