Interval Video Recording


This is simply the ability to use the camcorder to make recordings over an extended period of time. Images are recorded for a given period - normally around a second, then recorded to the media. After a pre-set interval (normally user selectable) a further recording period begins. In this way it is possible for time-lapse animation footage to be obtained. This may be useful when movement of objects within a scene is slow or subtle and may otherwise go unnoticed - filmmakers use this technique to show flowers opening for example. In some paranormal cases, objects such as furniture are described as moving or being moved. Normally video observation is difficult because of the need to change tapes etc.

Using this mode will reveal on playback of the recording the movement of any objects as if speeded up with most current models offering this ability it is possible to record for up to 12 hours onto a single 1 hour tape and provided mains power is used there is no further need to return to the camera.

An important point to note her is that this mode, whilst potentially very useful is open to relatively easy hoaxing - in the interval between recordings being made it is perfectly possible for someone to move objects without the camera recording their interference. As such this technique should be applied with additional safeguards such as ensuring the location is fully secured throughout the recording session.