Do Not Trespass


Every paranormal investigator finds that perfect location, but is restricted from entering the property to do an investigation because they have not gotten permission from the property owners to perform an investigation.

Some inexperienced Ghost hunters will ignore that law, and enter the property to perform the investigation. The unlawful way has given these law breakers a sudden extra boost of Adrenalin.

Warning, this is not the appropriate way to perform a ghost investigation, and could land you with a hefty fine, and even behind bars. Not only will there be legal consequences, there will be a fall out. If you are serious about ghost hunting, then entering property illegally will only lesson you and your groups credibility.

Nothing will damage your attempt of establishing a respectful paranormal investigation team, then having your names in the local court releases. Stay away from entering properties illegally.

I am aware of how hard it can be to get permission to perform investigations in private properties, including Cemeteries. This is especially true during your early stages of Ghost Hunting.

Just like in the business world, you must prove yourself in order to get the respect and the investigation of private property, but that is not to say that it is impossible.

If you have located a rumored haunting, then the best way to do the investigation appropriately is to contact the owners of the property. Don't do this until you have done a little pre-research of the rumored haunting. You can perform research of the any property through county records or a library, through old newspaper clippings.

Once you have established a history file, and have the listed rumors of a haunting on paper, you are then prepared to confront the owners of the property to ask for permission to conduct an investigation.

Being prepared and equipped with earlier research may impress the property owner, and maybe, the owners assumption will be removed from a skeptic point of view, just enough to allow you to perform the investigation.

Granted, you will run into owners that want nothing to do with it, and for liability reasons will not allow you to enter the property. In this case, you should have a release of liability contract ready to show the owner, that you will release all liability of you and your group when performing an investigation. Meaning, if you get hurt, the property owner will not and cannot be held responsible for the accident. (This type of contract should always be included in your paperwork.)

Some owners do not want any type of publicity, and will express so. Which is why you should have a confidential contract. This will give your permission to publish any results publicly, or keep all evidence, the location, and the owners information private from public view. Meaning, you may do the investigation, but the results, the location, and the personal information gathered, will only be viewable by you and your group and not released to the public. You should always have this contract in your paperwork. This will keep you away from any legal allegations.

No matter how hard you try, you may not get permission from some property owners. Give them a business card of your group, just in case the owner changes his or her mind, and move on. The investigation will not begin until, you have gained full permission to do so.

You may also find that you may run into owners, who would be extremely excited to have you perform the investigation on their property. Thanks to the new breed of paranormal investigation shows on television, more and more owners are finding out the benefits for having their property declared, well, haunted.....

You may find that some property owners are aware of their property's hauntings, but will refrain from allowing you to investigate the property because they may be scared of what the entities will do if they allow you to intrude on their territory. Some people may feel that leaving things be, well is the best course of action.

Two ways to go with this, either respect their wishes and move on. Or educate them on your investigation tactics, and how you can help them rid of these entities, or live at peace, knowing they are there. (Only perform this if you know specialists, or know what you are doing.)

Always remember, you are working hard to gain credentials, and blowing them with one trespassing offense can ruin any one's Ghost hunting profession...

Always ask for permission....