Demonic Oppression


Demonic oppression is when the demonic problem becomes personal and interacts with the victim, sometimes taking over the person’s thoughts for a time.

The goal of demonic oppression is to put strain on the victim emotionally, psychologically and physically, causing them eventually to “give up” and accept more complete control from the demons.

If a demonic infestation took the form of a helpful spirit that pretense is generally dropped when things progress to this point. The demonic have enough of a hold on the person’s life, mind and soul that they can afford to let the truth be known: they want to destroy the victim and damn their soul, usually through suicide.

This process can involve: - Affecting the emotions of the victim, usually in the home or location where the problem started, but not always. This can take the form of depression, withdrawal from friends and family, anger issues, or any other negative emotional problem. This is done to wear the victim down emotionally and isolate them away from people that care about them. This could simply be depression.

- Affecting the thoughts of the victim. This can take the form of paranoia, distrust of others, irrational beliefs, intrusive thoughts that seem to come from somewhere else. This is done to wear the victim’s sense of reality down and eventually make them more vulnerable. This could be normal psychosis.

- Affecting the sleep of the victim. The victim is often bothered by nightmares of a demonic nature, disturbed in their sleep so they get little rest, or waking to see things in their room. This is done to wear the victim down and make them fatigued.

- Causing the victim to “hear voices”, either in their head or in the room with them. The voices often encourage the victim to do negative things and avoid positive people. It is important to be sure these voices are not part of a mental illness or side effect of a medication or physical disease.

- Taking over the victim’s body completely, but not permanently. The demons speak and interact with the victim’s body as if it were their own. The victim often has no recall of what happens during these episodes.

- Causing the victim to see things, including images of demons.

- Distorting the victim’s perceptions. This includes sometimes not perceiving words associated with God, such as Jesus, prayer, Church, Holy, etc. The victim may see angels as demons

- Touching the victim.

- Molesting the victim.

- Scratching or biting the victim.

- Causing writing or occult symbols to appear on the victims body.

Depending on how far the oppression has gone it can be hard to communicate with the victim in a normal way. They may appear distant or “spaced out”. It is good to ask if they are hearing voices when they seem to not pay attention to what is going on around them. Always have a full medical work up done to be sure the symptoms are not medical or simply psychiatric.