Demonic Activity


 "First off,  We are not nor do We pretend to be demonologists. The information below has come about by research into actual cases of demonic activity and is intended for informational purposes only'


In almost every genuine case of demonic activity a typical paranormal team will get NOTHING in early stages of infestation or oppression  - obsession.  As the stages of demonic infestation progress they will probably get just enough activity to be tricked into believing the site is active but nothing to worry about. Only in the later stages will something more malevolent be suspected and then only by someone who is really very familiar with the case and observes the progression of it or who has experience in demonology.

Some important facts to digest on demonic haunts:

"Demons are not ghosts and ghosts are not demons"

Demonic activity can present itself in many ways and will mimic many things, including non threatening or non hostile activity. Demon's are great imitators. They are purposeful, single minded in their goals, very cunning and intelligent and can and will mimic to throw off investigators and even the host early on. They might appear as friendly and even helpful to get you to invite them in. 

A demon's power is limited and it has no authority over you until you give it that authority. It can use trickery to a point, it can wear you down over time (very patient), it can even scare the devil into you but if you are strong enough to resist that, it can not harm you. They are trying to gain access through subterfuge, deception and fear. They are looking for weaknesses to exploit and cracks to widen and will use any method within their power to do that.


  Demons require nothing from the physical environment to manifest

You won't get EMF spikes, cold spots, or trip sensors by them. They don't physically hide from you, like in a dark corner or basement out of necessity. Their phenomenon is strictly to scare the pants off of you. They derive pleasure and acknowledgment from your fear.

Nine out of ten times you won't get anything in a demonic case without provocation. DO NOT PROVOKE! You can go home, but your clients have to stay there to reap the whirlwinds. You also endanger yourself and your family.

Demonics are not attached to property, they attach to people. They can inhabit a property until a host comes along. Demonics attach to one or more family members. So while you are running around their house with your toys in the dark, they are being tormented in the Holiday Inn.

It is vital to observe the family members mood and how they are reacting to the investigation. If someone refuses to be there, attempts to block areas to search, disrupts the investigation, fakes evidence so that it is obviously faked...anything to make the investigators job harder or believe that the person is faking it and nothing is going on is not necessarily damning evidence of Demonic infestation but it can be part of the overall evidence to be considered. Another thing to look for is during the day of the investigation is anyone feeling ill, too tired or anything that would seemingly require the investigation to be postponed or canceled. Anything unusual happening to your team?

Most important, if you believe it is non human and you have ruled out psychological disorders as much as possible then you need to find someone who is experienced in dealing with these things. Demonic activity is at once confusing and frightening. It will test your strongest resolve and even shatter previous beliefs. It is in a sense an awakening that at times you may wish had never occurred.

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