Anomilous Photos Anomilous Photos Fort Mifflin - Commendant's office Photo taken using Game Trap Camera. nobody was in or near the building at the time this photo was taken. The Fort Mifflin authorities sent this photo out for profes 123504041 Private residence 115114547 Little girl on Ladder? Dwelling Fire in Baltimore City. The Anomalous figure appears to be that of a little girl only found on photo at evidence review. photo was taken using 35mm onetime use camera. 56404668 Close up of Little girl on Ladder? Close up of Anomalous Figure that appears to be a little girl on the ladder and also a shape of a person inside the closed window. No Firefighters where not on the second floor at the time this photo was taken. 56404669 Hill View Manor Anomaly Anomalous Figure in the window 95437693 Hill View Manor Anomaly Looks like a human figure in the window wearing a hospital gown 95437694 Anomalous Figure Photo taken using Nightvision Monoscope.with digital still camera. Object of interest was not present when looking through the monoscope. The Object of interset only found at evidence review. This anomily was captured in the same place as the previous Anomalous face photos 109407886 Anomalous Shadow 1 Closeup of Anomalous Shadow 172768282 Anomalous Shadow 1 Original 172768446 Partially formed Apparition 177439962