We DO NOT employ the use of Ouija boards, Seances or any other form of what some consider conjuring or black magic.

Complete Paranormal Services is aPennsylvania based  team of serious minded individuals who are focused on research, investigation, and the documentation of purported paranormal phenomena.  CPS was formed to assist those who believe that they are experiencing paranormal phenomena, and at the same time provide you with an honest service, FREE of charge.

 We  are open-minded to the existence of ghosts but do not assume that the activity in question is a ghost or paranormal. We base our results on highly scrutinized  Photographs, Video and Audio evidence collected at a location. We take pride in our diverse abilities and methods to collect and review all data in order to provide you with answers and options.

Our Core Team members have decades of experience in this field and uses a variety of audio and video equipment but due to the amount of information that is not currently known or proven about the paranormal, we believe it is essential to visually monitor as much as possible in order to obtain data which may assist in providing answers. Our purpose is to dispel myths and stories and to separate fact from fiction. CPS does not discredit the use of psychics, but prefer the use of  high-tech audio and video equipment along with time tested low tech techniques to document and substantiate our evidence. We rely on technology rather than a feeling or fear.

 We also work in conjunction with several churches and religious organizations but  these investigations and evidence will NEVER be published on our site (due to the sensitivity of the cases) but every investigation is conducted with the well being of the client in mind. We will work with the client to ensure their safety, dignity and privacy.

Unlike some groups, we have no problem having our clients present during an investigation because watching us work seems to help ease the anxiety our clients are experiencing, plus we can show the client first hand how natrually occurring sounds can easily be mistaken for paranormal activity, but if a spirit is present it is use to the presents of the client and may be more likely to make it's presence known.

 We DO NOT employ the use of Ouija boards, Seances or any other form of what some consider conjuring or black magic. Our purpose is to provide the most precise technological data to maintain our credibility in the field of paranormal investigation and research.


All evidence collected, including photos, videos, audio recordings of paranormal events are kept in the strictest confidence and we will only release or publish information on cases where permission has been granted  by the client. Any authorized release of our evidence will be made available to the public unaltered and uncensored via our website or in person with advanced notice. We understand exactly what you are going through and we conduct every investigation Discretely and Professionally.

 We are always available for investigations, our schedule is very flexible but Private residences take priority!!!  We NEVER charge a fee, We are not out to profit but to serve the community as accurately and intelligently as possible.


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