Dark Cellar Media Productions is group of Pennsylvania-based Paranormal Investigators who strive to preserve the history and stories behind a location by creating short fact based,  collection of investigation videos from the most active case files of "CPS" Complete  Paranormal Services.

These documentaries include interviews with ​​property owners and witnesses along with actual footage of these investigations as they happen without resorting to sensationalism of the subject matter for the sake of ratings.​

 Dark Cellar Media Productions is 100% self funded, everything is done in-house, from the earliest stages of conceptualization all the way through to the launch, including motion graphics and sound design. I personally prefer the night, and a lot of my friends tend to make vampire jokes about it but I'm most comfortable at night, I find it incredibly peaceful, with less distractions and tend to get more work done. So the studio is located in the basement of my home where I like to do post production in low light conditions, hence the name Dark Cellar.

Since I am a Paranormal Investigator for Complete Paranormal Services, I use our Investigations as the subject matter of our mini documentaries. We are always excited to spread the word about paranormal investigations and research. I create these mini documentaries to show at Dinner Presentations and Fund Raisers several times a year to entertain, educate and allow people to get a first-hand look inside the REAL world of paranormal investigation and research.